Sunday, August 23, 2009

CtoC training

With less than 2 weeks to go the CtoC is suddenly becoming a bit more real. After several walks from home to Dalby (about 12 miles) we decided to go a bit further, including an overnight and carrying full kit.
We left Dalby on Monday and headed up over the Moors to Boggle Hole. The weather was superb and despite my pack being heavier than expected the 14 miles came relatively easy. We stayed at Boggle Hole YHA and given that's about 20 years since I last stayed at a Youth Hostel was surprised how expensive it seems to have become. We enjoyed the experience but came to the conclusion that the value of Hostels is either for singles or large families. If it was purely cost driven I'm sure we could have a got a B&B for less.
Tuesday saw us heading down the coast to Cloughton before following the disused railway to Scalby, then heading to the woods to get home. The weather was once again superb with the only grumble being the number of flies along the clifftop. We did another good 17 miles and got home mid afternoon.

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