Saturday, June 20, 2009

PUMA Hawkshead 15k Trail Race

On Saturday 18th, the day after Blencathra, we headed for Hawkshead for the 15k Trailrace, part of the Lakeland Trails series. I've never done anything like this before but I'd read about it being one of the most scenic races in the UK so thought I'd give it a go. The weather was fantastic and there was a great atmosphere in the town square where we all gathered pre race. With three big climbs I found it tough going and wished I'd done a bit more training, but the sweat and effort was more than made up for with the views and the scenery. Time wasn't bad, but as always wished I done a bit better - there's always next year!


Had a few days in the Lakes.
Friday we did Blencathra. Very windy and the cloud was low, we climbed into it just after Scales Tarn, which luckily hid the big drop of Sharp Edge. No view at the top unfortunately, but just after dropping off the summit it all cleared and gave us sunshine for the descent.

Bit of a catchup.....

It all started so well........
Anyway here's the bits I fully intended adding as when they happened, better late than never!